After the Tōhoku earthquake with the tsunami in 2011 and the resulting nuclear disaster in Fukushima, it was decided to protect one of the largest nuclear power plants in Germany with the Flexibox mobil flood protection system!


The patented Flexibox flood protection system is filled with water, 10 minutes of construction over 10 meters in length and up to 1.40 meters in height, with only 1-3 persons!

The patented Flexibox FP system consists of elements with 5m length each.


The FP system is available in the following sizes:


  • Height 0,50m, width 0,80m

  • Height 1,00m, width 1,50m

  • Height 1,40m, width 2,07m

Each FP element with 5m length consists of 5 separate chambers with 1m length each.


Thus, a maximum security against failure of the complete protection length is given.

The elements are first filled with air and then with water, all chambers can be filled via a distribution hose at the same time.

Depending on the pump, the set-up time is 5-10 minutes over a length of 10 meters.

Easiest Handling

The elements have a very low tare weight (approx. 20 kg) and can thus be brought to the place of use before being filled with water. 

The elements are connected to each other with a patented system (fabric shoe), so the barrier can be extended endlessly.


Curve bends are easily possible.


Our FP elements are packed very small.

1 pallet 100x120x120cm = 80m long and 1m high flood protection.


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