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  • Highest stability because of fabric baffles (red highlighted)

  • Cost-efficient and reuseable, simple emptying with a special
    bottom spout (blue highlighted) 

  • Rolled and fixed top skirt for fast filling with
    sand (green highlighted)

  • Waterproof connection with U-shape facric shoe and velcro
    (yellow and orange highlighted)

  • Quick unplug, transfer and extension of the individual elements

  • Fast and easy set up without the worry of damaging any of
    the elements

Big-Bag Sand trans.png

Flexibox HWS Big-Bags

Flexibox water engineering big-bags stay stable and in shape. Because of the fabric baffles they do not bulge and do not sag down. The bags are connected through a U-shape fabric shoe and velcro. A tilting with Flexibox water engineering bags is not possible.


Standard Big-Bags

Standard big-bags bulge, get a skew position,
sag down and there a gabs between the
positioned and filled big-bags. There is a high risk of tilting
danger with the slightest water pressure.

Big-Bag HWS Sand trans.png



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